Single Transaction Platform
  • Purely cloud-based service
  • Purely multi-tenant deployment
  • No user implementation, maintenance or upgrades
  • Invoicing and payments directly linked to inventory
Inventory Visibility
  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Improve cycle-times
  • Expose data throughout value chain
  • Fully integrated front office to warehouse system
  • Free for single-user
  • Pay as you go and as you grow
  • No hardware investment
  • No implementation or consulting fees
Easy to Use
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Rapid on-boarding
  • Import customer, supplier and inventory data
  • Begin tracking sales, purchases and inventory immediately
Strict Security Measures
  • Encrypted transactions
  • Encrypted session and user access
  • User and group level privileges throughout
Key Business Metrics
  • Inventory carrying costs
  • Reserved for customers
  • On-order from suppliers